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Shoulders, neck and uprightness


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The unique biomechanical architecture of our arms and shoulders allows us an extraordinary freedom in our expressions and in our contact with our environment.

Paradoxically this freedom is dependent on a stable connection to the trunk. If our spine, pelvis and chest are organized in a way that movement forces are distributed evenly, we can experience lighter shoulders and a freer neck.

This public course with Angelica Feldmann is designed to help us achieve a better inner representation of how our arms, hands and shoulder move and how we can improve our posture and find more freedom and lightness in our neck and shoulders.


  1. Angelica Feldmann — ATM (Rolling the fists, variations) 76min.
  2. Angelica Feldmann — ATM (Opening the arm to the side, variations) 83min.
  3. Angelica Feldmann — ATM (Tilting the legs with free arms) 49min.

Recorded in Madrid, November 2017