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24 Vertebrae

с: Мара Фузеро

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24 Vertebrae

24 is not just the hours of the day, 24 is the number of vertebrae that form our spine.
The entire assembly of our 24 vertebrae is essential to support the head as well as allowing it to be light and free, and thus to capture all the signals coming from the environment and to organize itself accordingly. Most of our sensory organs are located in the head, which makes it the periscope of our body.

The spine must be a firm and flexible axis at the same time. The awareness of the three planes of movement in which the spine can and must move enriches the possible variations of movement and expands the capabilities of this axis.

In this two-part webinar we will explore the different combinations of movement that exist between the different planes and spinal segments to make them communicate and interact better. Not only will you gain flexibility and strength but you will also increase awareness of your spine and those vertebrae that are normally difficult to feel and organize.

The group lessons taught in this course will consist of experiencing unusual and surprising combinations of movement to open your consciousness to the potentialities of your spine. You will learn how you can «wake up» vertebrae that are sleeping and give «rest» to those that have worked so hard up to that point that they are in pain.

Who is this webinar for?

This seminar is accessible to everyone, without age limit or previous training.

It is especially interesting for:

  • Health and education professionals (physiotherapists, psychologists, nurses, speech therapists, occupational therapists, teachers)
  • Body language teachers, dancers, martial arts teachers
  • Musicians and actors, who will have the opportunity to refine their sensitivity
  • Athletes, who will be able to improve their performance with less energy consumption

A course designed and taught my Mara Fusero

This course will be given by Mara Fusero, one of the few professional trainers of the Feldenkrais Method worldwide. Her pedagogy is the result of more than thirty years of teaching the Feldenkrais Method.
Mara has a great professional experience in physiotherapy and psychology. In addition to being a Feldenkrais trainer and the pedagogical director of our professional training programs in Barcelona, she is a direct student of Ruthy Alon and the trainer of her famous program «Bones for life». Mara’s long career is reflected in the richness of her teaching, which she transmits with great enthusiasm.