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Doorways to the Present Moment (webinar)

с: Christoph Habegger

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Doorways to the Present Moment

While the mind tends to move between past and future, the body lives here and now. Our senses are a doorway to the present moment and our inner experiencing.

The Feldenkrais movement lessons offer a potent and immediate way to refine and deepen our body-sense and mindfulness. In this online-workshop you will explore qualities such as being grounded and centered, and you will strengthen your three-dimensional orientation — all crucial elements of being present in body and mind.

Join our online workshop to embark on this transformative exploration of self-awareness and mindfulness.

About the teacher

Christoph Habegger, born in Zurich, has lived in Vienna since 1991. After studying at the Vienna Conservatory, he worked as an actor and musical performer. He completed his Feldenkrais training with Carl Ginsburg in Lewes, England. This was followed by further training in Atem-Tonus-Ton and Embodied Life. He teaches in Vienna, is a trainer for Feldenkrais training programs and a lecturer and director of Breath-Tonus-Tone supplementary training courses in Europe and Japan.

This online workshop comprises three Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement (ATM) lessons, separated by 10-minute breaks, and is suitable for both long-time Feldenkrais enthusiasts and beginners alike.