Открытый семинар

Enjoy your Jaw (2-day online seminar)

с: Катрин Хюм-Кук

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«Gritting your teeth» can be used as synonymous for determination, purposefulness and persistence… or for putting up with something, surviving a hardship. Whereas many of these qualities might have their place in life, millions of people suffer the consequences of «gritting their teeth».

The Feldenkrais Method offers you not only many wonderful and simple ways to address temporal-mandibular dysfunction like teeth-grinding, jaw-clicking and resulting tension headaches but also helps you to explore resourcefulness within yourself. Using patience and creativity to address those stressful and anxious moments in life when something isn’t going your way might just be an alternative to gritting your teeth and soldiering through…

This workshop is taught by Kathryn Hume-Cook. Kathryn has decades of experience working with the Feldenkrais Method and has taught numerous workshops relating to the jaw. She is one of our Assistant Trainers teaching in the Professional Training Programs and has a busy practice in Hamburg, Germany. Born in Australia with a background in dance Kathryn brings humour and warm-heartedness as well as patience and understanding to her teaching.

This workshop is open to all interested parties, both with and without jaw-related issues. The jaw, tongue and mouth are intricately related to the functions of daily life, to balance, posture and well-being. Heightened awareness for the way you use your facial muscles, hold your head and coordinate your lips, throat and breathing will have a profound effect on your general sense of ease.

No previous experience with the Feldenkrais Method is necessary, however those who are already familiar with the method, or are practitioners themselves, will benefit just as much from Kathryn’s presentation of this subject.



  1. Talk (Introduction to the seminar) – 13 min.
  2. ATM (Dimensions of skull, exploration of facial muscles, moving the jaw against resistance) – 60 min.
  3. Talk (Comments, questions and experiences in relation to the previous ATM) – 16 min.
  4. Lecture (Looking at the jaw and skull in the skeleton, some images of important facial muscles) – 12 min.
  5. ATM (Exploring connections between the pelvis, head, mouth and tongue) – 45 min.
  6. Talk (Experiences with the previous ATM) – 13 min.
  7. ATM (Exploring connections between the tongue and the spine in sitting) – 21 min.
  8. ATM (Cardinal movements of jaw in sitting/coordinating lower jaw with rolling head right and left) – 55 min.
  9. Talk (Experiences with the previous ATM) – 30 min.
  10. ATM (Rolling out the lips, tongue exploring the outside of the mouth) – 43 min.
  11. LAB (Look at your face in the mirror, did you like what you see?) + Talk – 7 min.
  12. ATM (Tongue exploring the inside of the mouth) – 22 min.
  13. ATM (Rolling head and shoulders, playing with eyes opposite to jaw) – 11 min.
  14. Talk (Some comments about the webinar and goodbyes) – 5 min.

Duration: 350 minutes