Открытый семинар

The pelvic floor – foundation for vitality

с: Мара Фузеро

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Unseen and often ignored, the pelvic floor is responsible for numerous basic, yet vital functions in the body: it opens, closes, protects, supports, carries, receives, eliminates, … most often in a quiet and imperceptible way.

Since the body is an integrated system, the way we use the pelvic floor is strongly linked to the quality of our movement and functioning, posture, balance, quality of breathing, voice and expression, sex, etc. Pelvic floor muscles cooperate with other muscle groups to support our hips, spine, and abdominal cavity organs.

More and more pathologies are connected to the pelvic floor, both for men and women. While it is an often neglected body part, its good functioning is crucial for the balance of the entire psychophysical system.
The workshop is practical and will be carried out in the form of somatic learning (Awareness through Movement) lessons. This will enable you to explore and learn to feel your pelvis and pelvic floor muscles in different positions, connected to every day movement, along with their respective function.

We will closely examine the anatomy of the pelvic floor, the structure of pelvis and its connectedness with other parts of the body. Deeply engaging in body awareness and experiential anatomy, you will start to understand and differentiate the functioning of all pelvic floor layers and sphincters. Finally, all this new perception and knowledge will be integrated into a dynamic functioning of the entire body.

The workshop is taught by Mara Fusero, Ph.D., Feldenkrais trainer, physiotherapist and psychologist. Mara enjoys several decades of experience in teaching the Feldenkrais Method and apart from being an internationally renowned physiotherapist, she is also the educational director of professional Feldenkrais training programs in Italy and Spain.

Whom is the workshop for?

  • For men and women alike.
  • For all those interested in exploring and improving movement, becoming aware of the pelvic floor and its connectedness with other vital processes, mental and emotional patterns.
  • For anyone working in health and education (physiotherapists, psychologists, healthcare staff, speech therapists, teachers, kinesiologists, gynaecologists…).
  • For those whose activity is related to body expression, and/or demands persistence in specific body positions of long duration (dancers, actors, musicians, martial artists, sitting professions…).
  • For sportsmen wanting to achieve higher functionality and performance with less strain.
  • For those who suffer from backache or general pain.
  • For those having locomotor disabilities.

Please note: This seminar is the second part of Mara’s pelvic floor seminar series that consist of three 2-day courses. This second part contains different lessons than the first part so it can be attended by anyone who has already done part 1 and it is also open to new participants. In other words: You don’t have to have visited part 1 to be able to enroll for part 2. The third part (that we hope to offer in Madrid in 2019) will require that you have visited part 1 and/ or part 2 though.