Постдипломный семинар

Awakening the Spinal Engine

с: Ларри Голдфарб

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Mastering the Method

A time honored path to developing mastery is to study the standards and masterpieces. In the lexicon of Functional Integration® lessons, there are classic structures and strategies that are so consistently effective, so remarkably reliable, that we count on them to facilitate learning every time.

In each installment of this advanced training series, Larry Goldfarb, CFT, Ph.D. offers a multi-dimensional map of one such archetypal lesson plan. In a careful and complete manner, this workshop offers all you need in order to add this lesson to your personal repertoire, including the opportunity to:

  • Become skilled at new hands-on techniques while refining familiar ones.
  • Understand the how & why of each step in the lesson choreography.
  • Take better care of yourself by improving your self-use.
  • Uncover and utilize the integrity of “the movement behind the lesson.”
  • Promote the transfer of learning from the table to daily life.
  • Adapt the lesson to the student, not vice-versa.

This course goes beyond simply presenting a “formula.” Studying each classic template from the inside out reveals the art and science of Feldenkraisian pedagogy. Examining essential lessons from an advanced perspective offers you the means to discover – and come to embody – the methodology that guided Moshe Feldenkrais in developing our work.

Awakening the Spinal Engine

Over five days in October 2023, we’ll decode Moshe’s understanding of how upright locomotion works using Gracovetsky’s insight known as the Spinal Engine. Explaining how we’re engineered to make the incredibly complex action of locomotion nearly effortless, this model resonates with and vindicates Moshe’s understanding of what it takes to walk well.

You’ll learn every aspect of this Functional Integration lesson: practice and refine the techniques it relies upon, develop the dexterity and self-use required, and figure out its learning logic. This FI is designed to help your students harness this biomechanical mechanism. Working in a small group (of no more than eight) means I’m able to follow your learning and offer you individual support and personal coaching. You’ll discover how to uncover and unravel that which interferes with optimal coordination so that your students can tap their inbuilt movement potential to stroll, stride, or sprint simply and easily.